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Downloader SV
It’s easy to start a business on your own blog or website!

“Downloader SV” will help you with that.

What is Downloader SV?

Downloader SV is a blockchain authentication type downloader.

Downloader SV allows you to sell a variety of data without being a victim of unauthorized downloads on your blog or website.

BSV is used for payment.

Only when the payment has been made successfully will the data be available for download.

About the download data format

Downloader SV supports data in a variety of formats.

So you can do business with data in a variety of formats.

– Photographs, illustrations, videos, music, audio works, novels, comics, games, programs, etc.

  • What data have you created?
  • Is it something that people want?

Let’s start selling! Someone else in the world will surely want it.

Preventing unauthorized downloads

Downloader SV prevents unauthorized downloads.

Dedicated information is created at the time of payment, It is then recorded to three places: the BSV-blockchain, the server and your device.

Each time a download is performed, the information is read from three different places to authenticate.

If even one mistake is made, authentication will fail and the download will be blocked. It also blocks external access that does not go through authentication.

Experience Downloader SV in samples

We’ve prepared some samples for you to try out Downloader SV.

All prices are set at $0.01
(Each can be priced differently)

Sample 1

Download a zip file

Sample 2

Download a jpg file (View as a thumbnail / Click to enlarge)

Sample 3

Download a mp3 file (attention to volume)

Sample 4

Download a mp4 file (attention to volume)

Multiple Use Support

“Downloader SV program” supports the use of multiple Downloader SV.

If you want to use multiple Downloader SV, No need to install multiple “Downloader SV programs”.

It is possible with one program.

Get the Downloader SV

You can get Downloader SV here.

The price is set at 1 BSV.

Buy when the BSV rate is low, and use Downloader SV to earn your BSV!

Downloader SV is available in two versions.

Downloader SV

Type : Normal
Price : 1 BSV

Works on PHP.

To use Downloader SV, add one line of code in your website.

Downloader SV

Type : WordPress
Price : 1 BSV

Works on WordPress.

To use Downloader SV, add one line of short code in your WordPress articles.

Enjoy making money with your skills!

Update History
JUNE 29, 2020 : Fixed a problem with the Money Button display.

Written by JK✪DS


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